State Officers:

State Chair Gary G. (Houston) (713) 385-5390, 1 year
Vice Chair Lisa C. (Houston) (832) 298-1516, 2 years
Temporary Secretary Marilyn B. (Houston) (281) 782-8309
Treasurer Charlotte S. (Austin) (512) 497-8276, 2 years
Historian Karen G. (Bryan) (979) 823-2482 (home), 2 years

Sr. Voting Entity Delegate: Linda B. (Houston) (281) 630-2941, 1 year
Jr. Voting Entity Delegate: Theresa K. (Houston), 2 years (one year Junior / one year Senior).

1st Alternate Delegate: Cindi S.
2nd Alternate Delegate: Lisa C. (832) 298-1516
3rd Alternate Delegate: Marilyn B. (281) 782-8309

CODA Tx Board Officer Descriptions


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