CoDA Literature

The brochures on this page are available for free download. They are for personal use only and are subject to CoDA’s Fair Use Policy.

Among the items available for purchase, it is highly recommended that every member utilize the Newcomer’s Handbook as well as the Twelve Step Handbook.  Our “Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Workbook” is the official CoDA book for working the steps. We recommend working the steps in conjunction with a step study or sponsor.

CoDA’s Fair Use Policy can be read here

Download CoDA Materials:

Printing Recommendations:

  • Print double-sided so they can fan-fold.
  • Select “fit to page” in your printer settings if necessary.

CoDA Brochures

Download -> What is CoDA?
Download -> Am I Codependent?
Download -> Your First Meeting
Download -> Attending Meetings – How to Listen, & How to Share
Download -> Recovery from Codependence: A Brief Introduction
Download -> Sponsorship in CoDA
Download -> 12 Tips for Sponsors
Download -> Workbook for Sponsees – CoDA Australia
Download -> Info for Professionals

Recommended Reading:

Download -> Establishing Boundaries in Recovery
Download -> Communication and Recovery

Self-Assessment and Recovery:

Download -> Recovery Patterns
Download -> Codependent Patterns for Self-Diagnosis

Working the Steps

Download –> 30 QUESTIONS for Working Steps 1-3
Download –> CoDA Step Prayers – Prayers for Each Step

Many more items are available for purchase directly from the official CoDA Literature website:  CoDA Resource Publishing at