Meeting Resources*

We provide shared resources for both new as well as established CoDA groups who would like to update or enhance their meetings.*

The tools and best practice ideas within this page have been shared by fellow CoDA members for use by other group meetings. These are only recommendations, as we appreciate the autonomy of the local meetings within CoDA guidelines.

CoDA Texas suggests the following tools for staying connected and building CoDA Community. CoDA brochures are also available for download on the Literature page.

These guides have been streamlined and updated for better meeting flow and adherence to recommendations.

Suggested Meeting Format

  1. What’s New PDF
  2. Meeting Attendee Booklets PDF
  3. Meeting Facilitator’s Guide PDF 
  4. Printing Instructions for Booklets PDF
  5. Affirmations for Recovery PDF

Local Meeting Support
Foster Community through Service Roles, Group Chat, & Outreach

  • Meeting Service Roles:  Without volunteers, there would be no meeting.  Too frequently, just a couple of people try to do it all.  Clear service roles help spread the workload and makes space to allow others to honor their 12th step. 
    Service Roles & Recommendations for Local Meetings  PDF
  • Group InventoryHow can my meeting be even better?   Healthy meetings matter.  Many groups use the group inventory to see where their group is doing well, as well as discover areas for improvement.  
    Group Inventory 
  • Fellowship Service Manual & 12 Service Concepts:  Referred to as the FSM.  This is the go-to guide for all things CoDA. It is particularly recommended that all meetings have a copy of Part 2 of the FSM.   
      – Fellowship Service Manual – Parts 1-5 
      – Twelve Traditions as a Guide to Service Work 
    Twelve Service Concepts
  • Healthy MeetingsCharacteristics of healthy CoDA meetings, the obstacles meetings may face as well as ways to address them.
  • Group Conscience Process: It’s more than just taking a vote.  Reflecting on our traditions, we pause to seek out our Higher Power’s will for what’s best for the fellowship and CoDA as a whole. FSM Pt. 1-sec.3
  • Restoring OrderOn rare occasions, a meeting may get off track.  This may be due to crosstalk, lack of boundaries, and other things.  Anyone in a meeting may call for “30 Seconds”  and call a “Time Out” for everyone to cease talking and seek guidance from Higher Power. It is always followed by the serenity prayer before resuming the meeting. – FSM Pt. 1-sec.3
  • Dealing With Disagreement & Resolving ConflictProvides guidance for how to deal with disagreements and how to get help when its needed. When there is disagreement among members of the group, it affects the entire fellowship.  – Dealing With Disagreements
  • Hybrid MeetingsCombining your in-person and virtual meeting      
    As we transition to meeting in person, many groups would like to allow members to continue to meet virtually as well. 
      –  Setting up a Hybrid Meeting  PDF
  • Group Chat & Social MediaBringing your group together  – Groups that have made a decision to implement group chat for member support report a stronger sense of fellowship and belonging.  Implementing a group chat provides for member support between meetings and an opportunity for enhanced fellowship among members. 
      –  Group Chat Features & Considerations PDF 
      –  Social Media Guidelines PDF
      – CoDA Guidelines for Anonymity & Social Media PDF

  • Outreach:  A method to attract people to your meeting.
    “We do not advertise in the traditional sense in that we do not push for everyone to join CoDA.  We let people know we are here, and then we let them decide for themselves if they want to participate.”  (FSM pt2 sec2)

      – Outreach:  Reaching out to Other Codependents Who Suffer
  • CoDA Structure: How is CoDA Orgainized?  It’s not what you might think…
    CoDA Structure Hierarchy

Electronic payments*
Accept 7th tradition donations

Electronic payments are now a mainstay in our lives. To accommodate members who may prefer to make 7th tradition donations, h, your local group may decide that it can take advantage of free payment apps such as Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle to receive donations electronically. 

*DISCLAIMERThe use of any of these electronic tools is solely the responsibility of the individuals who elect to use them. Each individual user is responsible for the use of these apps, and should take appropriate precautions to ensure personal privacy and security. Neither CoDA Texas,, North Texas CoDA, nor the CoDA North Texas Officers, nor your local meeting representatives are responsible for any liability resulting from the use of these tools.